Sometimes, just sometimes

Wikipedia is funny without trying. Here is a quote from the page about the 60’s scandalous musical Hair.

“Theatre writer Scott Miller described these themes in terms of the hippies’ goals, targets and beliefs, as follows:”

Hippie Shower

Hippies had goals other then not showering, smoking pot constantly, tie dying everything and having sex with anyone ? I’ve met some dogs with seemingly similar goals if you substitute the tie dying with urinating and smoking pot with eating.

Off to hunt for more wikihumor……


Why I would vote Democrat….

20) I really want to experience Greece, but I hate traveling – StickeeNotes

19) Because the GOP are Talibans. I don’t vote for Talibans or Sharks with Hitler’s brain in them. My 2 main rules – AlanGraysonSays

18) Because I Demand the American Dreamand some other Sucker to pay for it… — redostoneage

17) Because of three little words: Head injury. – NotBobMcNair

16) They said they’d rob me last — IMAO

15) Because we still have too many jobs in this country. – Snaqwells

14) Because those Nazi & KKK loving Rethuglican Fascists are mean and call people names! — johnhawkinsrwn

13) If democrats EVER get power in this country they’ll end all war and close Gitmo — NotBobMcNair

12) When I drive, I like knowing that my car was designed by lawyers and assembled by a union. — iowahawkblog

11) Because basically, I’m too lazy to move to China… – redostoneage

10) Why visit the 3rd World when I can live in it? – tommccammon

9) Because we must never return to the Bush-Cheney nightmare of debt, war, and 7% unemployment — iowahawkblog

8) Because the Soviet Union would have worked with the right people in charge & we’re going to prove it – johnhawkinsrwn

7) Voting for a black man excuses my rampant anti-semitism. — tommccammon

6) Because Democrats care so much about poor people they want everyone to be poor. – whotnaught

5) Because I believe this country is headed in the right direction…toward destruction. – darrinyeager

4) Because I want to flaunt my vajazzled nether regions at the office, then sue you for looking. — JennQPublic

3) Because Democrats fund programs for the mentally challenged, such as making them Speaker of the House – iowahawkblog

2) Because Republican women are smart, gorgeous, witty and classy….and I hate them for it. — Furrystoat

1) Because socialism is 0-58 versus the spread since 1917… come on dude, it is DUE — iowahawkblog

Why the Christmas Day bomber’s father failed…..

Unheeded warning

Spare a thought, if you have any left this morning, for Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, the former chairman of the First Bank of Nigeria, and the father of the man who tried to blow up an aircraft over Detroit.

Repeatedly, he tried to warn the US authorities that his son might be involved in something dodgy. Repeatedly, they ignored him. And I think we all know why. I bet his first approach was by e-mail. “Dear SURNAME,” he may have written, following the apparent custom of his countrymen. “I am MR MUTALLAB, the former CHAIRMAN of the FIRST BANK OF NIGERIA and I write to inform you that . . .” Click. Straight into the CIA spam bin.

Pity that modern Cassandra, the Nigerian banker who actually has something important to say. Maybe there are hundreds of them. Screaming into cyberspace via Hotmail. Forever ignored.

Stolen from here via here.