He’s Backkkkk!

The ass is back in town and it feels good to plop your butt down where it belongs. Spent about 5 days in San Diego CA at this conference. It’s what I do at S.U. and I actually presented on a program we do here. Here’s a short promo video I concepted. Yeah another new word…. CONCEPTED. It means I came up with the concept. Just wait it’ll be as big as threepeat.

We ate at Karl Strauss Brewing Co. a few times. If you are ever near one try the Drunken Shrimp and the beer sampler. mmmmm Here’s a link to their menu page. Excuse me I need a minute.

Okay thanks…

Here’s a 911 audio clip that is cute. Sorry if you’ve seen it.

We went to SeaWorld whilst in San Diego. Pretty neato place. The best part was Shamu or son of Shamu or sister or brother or third cousin twice removed. I dunno there were about 7 that were all alike except for size. The show was pretty amazing. Whales jumping out of the water, whales jumping out of the water with gusto, whales jumping out of the water with someone on standing their toes on the whales nose. All to the beat of various hard rock songs. It was like a somewhat surreal rock concert that featured whales sorta like Solid Gold Dancers meet Moby Dick. Like if you combined these two videos together.

The best part was learning that all the trainers had to do to get these great beasts to perform like clockwork was to give them occasional buckets of fish. While I’m afraid my kids are to old to consider any further training I would gladly have a kept a few buckets of frozen kippers around if that’s all it took to get them to clean their room with gusto.



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