Finally settling into the rut again. I processed a few pics I took whilst in San Diego and thought I’d share them with you today. The first is a sign that was a warning. Mind you this dog was sitting on the counter, the main counter where all transactions are made. This was a glass blowing shop curiosity shop in Old Town. It seemed to be thriving but I wondered whether the sign and the dog caused anyone to reconsider a purchase. In fact maybe that is why the man behind the counter looks so reflective ?

In case you can’t make out the words – “Bad Dog, Do not pet. She will snap at you for looking at her. Lilly is super bad !” Yeah gotta be good for business.

Next we have a picture of a sign that just had to be taken.

It was again a just curio shop in Old Town. They had replica American Indian Drum’s made in Taiwan. Bamboo fishing poles, hand woven wall hangings, those stupid little drinking tipping bird things oh and of course what gift shop is complete without the shot glass menagerie. There was honestly nothing in the store worth taking a picture of other then the sign.

Finally if they had a mug with this logo and text on it I would gladly spent up to $15.95 on one for Kyle as it is something he probably has said at least once.

Alas all they had was a hot pot holder and kitchen apron gift set and if we had been visiting San Francisco I might have gotten caught up in the spirit of the city and gotten it anyway even tho it is not the kind of thing men exchange as gifts.


One thought on “Sighns

  1. August 12th. 2012
    I am the fellow in the red shirt pictured in the background with Lilly at our glass blowing shop in Old Town San Diego.
    Thank You for posting our picture.
    I thought you might want a Lilly update.
    The picture you posted was from quite some time ago.
    Lilly is now 15 years old and has mellowed a lot.
    She has quite a bad heart condition but still enjoys going down to the shop every day with us.
    She is even more spoiled now than ever but still loves the attention she gets at the glass shop. Anyone who is an expert dog petter is invited to come by to give Lilly a pet.
    For directions to the shop and more Lilly pix go to
    Hope to see you there!!!

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