Once Again I Ask

Please write your representatives. Why ?

I understand that a border fence is not going to prevent every terrorist from coming in to this country but if it prevents one that is hell bent on taking innocent lives that is enough. Of course soon I will have to have a passport to re-enter the USA from Canada because I look so much like the average terrorist.

I also understand that a fence is a psychological deterrent to good relations with our neighbors but our southern neighbor does nothing to prevent it’s citizens from illegally entering our country and in fact it prints and provides pamphlets on how to deal with circumstances they might encounter while in breaking into our country.

So here once again is how to find your representatives email web form and a sample letter below. Please if you feel strongly take the time to write.

Click HERE to open a page that helps you find and provides a link where you can write your congress person.

Click HERE to open a page that helps you find and provides a link where you can write your senators.


As a citizen of the United States, I am thankful that amnesty was defeated. But I’m terribly concerned that the fence that was promised us isn’t being built.

The Secure Fence Act of 2006 that was signed into law on October 26, 2006 authorized 854 miles of two-layered reinforced fencing along the southwest border. According to the Department of Homeland Security, as of May 25, 2007 there is a total of 87.2 miles of single layer fencing along the U.S. southern border. Even worse, only 13.01 miles of primary fence has been constructed since the bill became law.

The single layer fence is not what was promised the American people and passed into law, so that means zero miles of what was promised has been built.

I urge you to use your considerable authority and resources to build the fence, and truly securing our borders. It is what Americans want, and it’s the law!

Please know I will be monitoring your actions on his issue very closely.


If we don’t who will ? I know writing seems futile but you’ll feel better.


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